1985 Honda Xr 350 R model- Lowering the seat height?

Feb 18, 2017
I am considering purchase of a 1985 Xr 350 (not an R model) and I believe it will be too high for me to touch the ground with both feet as my inseam measures 31" with the boots on.

I have several questions around this problem. The manufactures I checked Devol, Vortex and YanaKiki and some others do not make a "dogbone" lowering link for the XR350 in the 1985 model year that I can find. I am tempted to make my own!

And Honda does not even list for sale the maintenance /shop manual for anything but the 1985 XR350R model. So other than the dual carbs on the R model, and possibly a different head on the engine and some internal valves, is there any difference between the straight Xr 350 and the Xr 350 R model?

Can anyone reccomend a source for the longer than stock lowering dogbone link for this bike? and are the parts interchangeable with the Xr 250 R as far as the frame itself?

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