(2003 RM 250) Front tire will not spin freely!

Dec 20, 2013
New brake pads, shoes etc, nothing on it is stock and everything is in great condition. Never noticed it before but I put it on the stand today and noticed the front tire will not spin freely which is not good! There seems to be a bit of drag on the disc like the pads are squeezing the disc without even squeezing the brake. Going into a turn with that is almost a guaranteed crash if you hit any loose gravel. Please any information will help I am a 2 stroke newbie to say the least and a dirt bike/motox newbie in general, please help how to fix this issue.
Oct 21, 2006
there might be a adjustment on the front brake lever!, not sure what all years have it but-
they can sometimes vibrate loose and tighten them selves
and/ or, someone could over adjust them by rolling when on the bike adjusting it,and it will roll free but not when the front wheel is off the ground

yes i had this issue lol, it vibrated loos and adjusted when i was riding and locked the front wheel up on me!
Mar 12, 2013
You have to determine where the drag is.
Take the caliper off, does it free up? If so, is it the pads pinching (piston sticking or hydraulics) or off to one side (wheelspacers wrong)?
If it drags with the caliper off, try loosening first the axle nut, then the axle clamps. Did it free up? If so, you have spacer issues.
If it still drags, you need new wheel bearings.


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