A $230,000 1970's Dirt Bike?

Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
Back in the early 70's, before the Japanese started knocking-off, I mean manufacturing, motocross/off-road bikes and dumping them, I mean "selling" them in the US and to a lessor extent Europe, brands like Husky ruled the world. We're talking about the original Husqvarna (Sweden) here, long before bankruptcies and the name was sold to KTM. In those days, $1,300 or so would land a brand new 360 or 400 on your trailer. Sounds cheap, but in today's inflation adjusted US dollars, that is roughly $7,900. Yes, dirt bikes have always been expensive.

If there is one rider, one personality, that is synonymous with early Husky popularity and success in the US (and the world for that matter) it has to be Harvey Mushman, more commonly known as Steve McQueen. One of his Husqvarna 400 Cross MX'ers sold at auction in October (2018) for US $230,000, the same bike used in the filming of "On Any Sunday" ... the defacto motocross movie of the same era, that still enjoys a cult following today.

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Oct 19, 2000
Amazing $$$

First Enduro I ever rode, was on a Husky 400, looked just like it, but was probably the cross country version, was a friends bike and he was injured at the time. A whole lifetime back it seems now.