Any riders in Sao Paulo Brazil?

Mar 12, 2019
This may be an odd question in a forum most frequented by North Americans, but maybe someone in here can help anyway, especially as my Portugese isn't yet proficient enough for me to start discussions in a native Brazilian forum. A group of work colleagues and I might be moving to Centro, Sao Paulo, Brazil in the future, and we're all very avid motorcyclists, on dirt and pavement (although dirt and gravel is our favorite).

According to Google's satellite images there are many vast undeveloped green spaces close around Sao Paulo, and I can clearly see what appear to be many little roads all over them, both dirt and paved. Some of these green spaces are labeled as nature reserves and the like, so may be off limits to motorized vehicles. However, there are still huge swaths of green without any labels at all, making me wonder if they have fun moto roads in them, especially in the green swaths that are
less than 40 miles from Sao Paulo. Can anyone confirm or deny the existence of fun paved and/or dirt motorcycle
riding opportunities in these vast green spaces close around SP?