anyone wear a cup?

Jan 4, 2006
just wondering if anyone ever wears a cup or has ever tried to when riding? i suffered some ...shall we say.."blunt force trauma" last year .after a few days in the hospital it definately got me thinking. sounds like a cup would be pretty uncomfortable but im wearing one this season. just wondering if anyone has tried riding with one before or if anyone makes one thats tolerable to wear when riding. thanks
Aug 5, 2005
lol, I don't but I've thought about it. A couple of months ago I was braking in some new boots and having difficulty feeling the bottom of my feet. I landed a jump with my right foot on the brake pedal and instead it threw me straight into the tank. My eye's water up just thinking about how that felt!


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
High Lord Gomer said:
No, they were uncomfortable when I had to wear them playing football. I don't think I could ride with one.
you wore one playing football? Baseball (standaroundball) wasn't bad because you just stood around, but too much movin' around in football for the sucker to be comfortable.

I will admit, though, I took a few shots to the grapes when I played, and I don't lament the steel tanks going by the wayside on dirt bikes either. I don't think I had a bike with a steel tank that was not "christened" with a couple special dents.
Jan 20, 2006
ive never really tried wearing one while riding. ive worn one at taekwondo, but you need it for that. if you do end up wearing one, its going to be really uncomfortable.
Dec 27, 2005
just tuck 'em underneith and store em in yer crack! then some bubble packing wrap and some duct tape and youre in business!
Jan 4, 2006
you guys are pretty creative!! love the duct tape bubble wrap set up! but im gonna try wearing cant be anymore uncomfortable than what i went through last year. i actually fractured one ! yes ...FRACTURED! i damn near passed out when the dr explained to me what happened to one of my boys. everyone has takin a shot in the jewels from time to time but ya never expect to have that severe of an injury.i wound up losing one testicle from that mishap :yikes: . so keep that in mind when your out there roostin...anything can and does happen sometimes. well im off to UPS to get those packaging supplies :laugh:

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