Do you have arthritis?

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  • Yes, but it's not bad

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  • No, but I'm sure I will in few years from past injuries

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  • No, no worries here!

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Apr 4, 2005
Anyone here have the fun thing they call arthritis?

I have it in my right shoulder from a wrestling. I had a progressive injury where the ligaments became stretched out over time, the result?

One shoulder that would not stay in place, a cartilidge capsule that decided to migrate from its God-given place, random arm numbness, and the glorious feeling of bones clacking together.

One shoulder reconstruction and nearly 2 years later, I can definately feel the weather fluctuations and the rain.

Luckily, it's not a frequent pain and a couple Aleve usually do the trick. I was on Vioxx for a while, but as everyone knows, it's gone bye bye.

So who else is unlucky?


May 8, 2001
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an earlier trip to the er confirmed it. while looking for broken leg/ankle bones on the xrays, the doctor casually asks me if i had trouble walking in my daily life. i said no. he replied "you will someday". he then pointed out the "arthritis" in my ankle as the fuzzy white haze in and around my joints. good news was that there wasnt any broken bones but the bad news was i ruptured my achilles.....damn.

more recently i was in the er for goofy (aka very painful) kidney stones. while looking at xrays of my kidneys, i noticed my hips were eat up with it too. the doctor concurred. im 40, and i dont feel it now. hopefully i can report the same in 25 years.
Apr 4, 2005
I feel ya. I'm 19 years old and there are times when my shoulder aches so bad I can't sleep.

I'm sure it'll feel wonderful when I'm 60.


Oct 31, 2002
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Yup, ruptured disk from MX a few years back has set up arthritis. Its the reason I had to sell the YZ and buy a Vstar. Two aleve per day to keep it from getting so stiff. I still love this forum tho as its the best on the net! :cool:

Green Horn

aka Chip Carbone
N. Texas SP
Jun 20, 1999
I don't have arthritis yet, but I've twisted my ankle many times while getting up from the couch to get another beer. :) I'm sure all that straining is gonna catch up with me soon.
Mar 15, 2005
Ill probly have it when Im older in my right ankle. I broke my leg right above the ankle a cuple years ago and the doctor suggested it may bother me when Im older.


Do the impossible its fun
Jul 16, 2000
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I don't have it to bad yet, but my 11 year old son has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. He's had it since he was 6, he can still do just about whatever he wants, he just pays for it the next day, like a old man does. Or, like his old man does I should say.
Apr 4, 2005
I'm really sorry to hear about your son having that, it's definately a shame.

A close family friend of ours, his son has rheumatoid arthritis very badly, bad enough that he could barely get around. What helped him out tremendously was taking up martial arts. Last I heard he still struggles with his hands, but the difference is like night and day.

I'm suprised we don't have any honory degree receipients.


Hot Sauce
Oct 28, 2001
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One of my best friends started getting arthritis at about 22, started in his fingers.. Now at 38, has it throughout his body.. It is psyoriac athritis.. He moved out of the SF Bay area due too the cold air that has moisture too the warm dry climate of Arizona.. .. During the summer he is fine, when the temps drop is when it flares up.. I wish there was a cure, and be careful of the medicines you take.. Some have some serious side effects..


AssClown SuperPowers
Jun 9, 1999
Yes, I have it bad in my left knee. Hyper-extended my knee in 1989 at the Turkey Creek Enduro, New Paris, Indiana.

Doc said I would be fine, not to worry, no surgury or clean up needed. Three years ago the Doc (ortho doc this time) said I should have had corrective surgury then. Now I am having trouble, and knee replacement is the only way to correct it. Doc said I was basically near bone on bone. Aleve works wonders, but is not a cure all. I really hate taking some of those medicines. Vioux worked like magic, but we all know where that one went. Physical Therapist has me doing special excersises to strengthen the muscles that support the knee. Hopefully this will get me out a few more years before I get the knee done. I am thinking 55 or older. The aches and pains come and go, I can be fine for several months then it swells up again and I have trouble for a month.

Do yourselves a big favor. If you have that crash that twists, bends, etc, go see a good doctor. Then get a second opinion. and a third if you have too. Be positive about what is going on before you just leave it be.


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