Building A Motorcycle Foot Lift


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Dec 31, 1969
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Building a Foot Lift

Here’s some instructions to build yourself a foot lift. I’ve broken them done into four parts: the legs and stand, the foot lever , the lift and assembly. Just click on the section of the plan you’ll be working on and print them off. You should be able to find the materials at any metal supply shop for $10 or $15. If you can’t find the materials listed you can always substitute them with others just insure the stand slides into the lift with as little side to side movement as possible and remember the stand should be portable so use an appropriate wall thickness. There’s no sense building a 100lb stand.

Tools - You’ll need a welder ( a MIG works great ) , cut-off saw, ruler, scribe , square and some basic hand tools. If you don’t have access to a cut-off saw a hacksaw will work. Sorry I don’t expect you’ll be able to substitute duct tape for a welder.

The plans are sized specifically for a 1995 to 2000 KDX, 10.5" tall when in the lowered position. If you’re building it for another bike simply measure your bike's ground clearance and adjust the height of the stand’s lift arm accordingly.

I built the platform out of ¾ plywood and covered it with ¼" rubber. The platform is 12" x 8". The three main parts just bolt together, check out the picture.

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