Chain and Sprocket Selection


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
I read somewhere that there's a kit to upgrade from the 520 to a 530 chain. Heck, this is a freakin 500 two stroke, it'll turn something bigger, and it also says "this sucker is built TOUGH!!"


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Feb 16, 2001
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I love jaybird like a union brother, albiet his 530 suggestion is worthy of investigation.
OK, that 2 seconds is up.
520 is it.
530 if you wated to build a trail cruiser, nobody THINKS they are a trail cruiser, we are all racing for the gold.
Really, does anyone think they are just gonna lay back and build some ho;hum reliable bike to go trail ride?


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Actually, the #525 would be the best choice for beefing up the drive.
The DID 525 Xring weighs ~4-5 ounces more than the DID 520 Xring that comes on the AFX.
Same chain pitch, just the plates are slightly thicker than the 520. You would have a hard time telling it was a 525 at a glance.

I provided the idea because of the beastly power aspect of the AFX. I have always contended that a good quality 520 chain has plenty of meat.
I thought that in creating the woods beast, it may be interesting as far as scoring points for increased integrity and possibly longevity. We beef up springs and other parts for just that reason. (shrug)

Anywho...I am a bigtime fan of Rebel Gears. American machined alloy sprockets.
Doug Chestnut, owner, is willing to custom cut a 525 setup for the AFX if there is clearance for a 3mm wider chain.
The rear is no problem, but the CS needs to happen right away if it's gonna be done and hardened by deadline. He is up at the show this weekend and tells me if we know by tuesday, it can happen.
We can pony up the chain and sprockets no matter what size.

As far as chain...If we were to go with the 525, I would want to use the DID ERV as it is the smallest profile of the racing 525's
For 520, I am a big fan of the RK XSO Xring. Lasts as long as any ring chain and well built.


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Yes the size would work out.
What's the stock call out for sprockets on the AFX... '03 CR500(250) ?

I'm not sure that there are any 525 or 530 on the shelf that will spline up on the AFX. If there is then it can for sure be machined to work.
Most likely will be just a one-off, copying the spline of what the AFX uses.

I'm fairly certain that there is also the needed extra side clearance in the chain guide, but will need AJ to confirm this.

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