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Discussion in 'Riding/Training Techniques - Injuries' started by robj, Oct 8, 2001.

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    Hi - I was wondering whether someone could me specific advice on fitness training for enduros. My main problem is that severe energy fade in the last half of the race. I can ride at a good pace for a couple of hours feet up in the tight stuff, then I lose all arm and leg strength and end up trying to hang on, usually falling over really routine going. I can ride through it and get a burst back at 40 mins before the end, probably because I know that it's nearly over. Trouble is that I've lost time. I'm swimming during the week for cardio exercise, but unfortunately can only get out on the bike once every two weeks. Is there a way of training to deliver the most stamina and energy in the last half of the race when pace tightens up? Thanks for any advice.


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