Front Suspension Setup

Nov 20, 2013
Hi everyone. I just bought a 2002 KDX 220. I am going to have to respring the front and rear on this bike because i weight in around 230 lbs in all of my riding gear. Any suggestions for front and rear spring I will need would be appreciated. From past experience on my KLR650, Race Tech recommends springs that feel damn close to being solid rods of metal. :bang:

Do I have to just measure front race sag, or am I supposed to just stick to a certain amount of preload by adjusting the preload spacer/pipe inside the forks?

What rear sag?

I plan to also do the shim mod on this bike's forks as well. I will be using Mobil 1 ATF (7.5 wt). Fill to 100 mm is what seems to be popular here?

Thanks everyone. The bike is bone stock down to the filter. Next up will be a pipe and silencer if I can ever make up my mind which pipe to get.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Yeah, been a long time since I've looked at Race Tech fork spring recommendations, but I remember them being at least 3 or 4 steps too stiff for anything but pro level Supercross, lol.

Also been a long time since I've had a KDX, but IMO a 0.42kg/mm spring rate is probably in the ball park for your weight, though Race Tech probably recommends a 0.48 or so.

Never had an '02, but stock KDX fork springs are very soft, so even a 0.40 would be a huge improvement.

A higher oil level really improves bottoming resistance and stiffens up the fork for the last part of the travel, and 100mm from the top with the forks compressed and springs out should be in the ball park.

Kawasaki usually jets the KDX very rich, so leaning out your main, pilot and needle will liven up the motor.

Coming off the big KLR, I think you will really enjoy the KDX on the single track once you get it dialed in.