Gas Gas Ec 250 Vs Ktm Exc 250

Jun 10, 2014
Hello fellow comrads
I currently have a KTM 400 (2001 version) , and want to buy another one ( but keep the current one )

I am undecided between a 250 and a 200 ( 2T only )

250 is heavier , 200 needs more clutch work ...
but neither one is as HEAVY as the 4T i got

i am not scared of the hit or something but i have read numerous posts that even if you can manhandle it when you are fresh and sporty , obiously after x hours you will eventually get tired , and I have seen and heard of really bad storyes

now if i got a 200 there is a soft setting , on the exc 250 heavy flywheel and green spring so this makes both the EXCs look good on the list

I also saw a gas gas ec 250 (from 2005) ( if the 201x version has 5 or so more poney and 1-2 lbs less please don't flood with - dude that is too f.u-k.i.n.g old ) , back to our business , i only want to know if the gasser can be made a tame beast as well , compared to a stock exc 250 with green spring installed , how does the EC 250 behave and which one has the worst attitude ?