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I need help

May 21, 2012
I just bought a little pit bike, I'm pretty sure it's an offbrand cheaply made bike, but I'm fine with it, I don't expect it to last to long, I had some money lying around and I have always wanted one. - Anyhow, I need some help, I'm a bit of a novice on the thing.

First off: Is it bad to start the bike over and over again? (Sometimes I have trouble getting it started and keeping it running, it'll make more sense in the next question).

Second off: When I do get it start, I pull in the clutch, put it in 1st, and slowly release. Sometimes I get it going, but it usually dies, and I think I'm doing something wrong. Also, when I do get it going I can pretty much handle first, but I try putting it in neutral and it takes me to second! Sends me flying so I have to kill it - because my neutral is in-between 1st and 2nd(One full click down for first, half a click up for neutral or a full click up for 2nd. But no matter how hard I try I can't get it in neutral when I'm in first! Please help :(