Injuries During Motocross

Mar 29, 2015
Okay I'm Adam and basically I am thinking of getting into Motocross, as in previously hen growing up I quite enjoyed dirt biking and quad biking. So you could consider me a newbie in some sort of sense.

However the problem is that I have injured my parts of my body in the past and I am not sure what the risks of Mx riding will be in terms of resulting in injuries, anyone shine some light on this ? (volume of injuries and where on the body?

I presume Mx riders will have First Aid kits handy in case of an accident ?

If I were to go forward with my new found interest in Mx, what things do Mx riders take with them for their safety ? I just want to make sure I don't end up really badly hurting myself when I could have prevented it.

Any help is appreciated guys and girls. Thanks in advance.


Jul 29, 2000
South America
MX has its risks. I raced about 10 times, fell about 3 times, and only one of those times did it really hurt. If I didn't know how to fall then I would of broken something. Don't tense up and don't resist the ground when you fall. There's a saying about how drunk men falling out of a wagon never get hurt (because they are loose and just go with it). I had a friend that stiff-armed the ground when he did an endo and broke both arms. I wouldn't race on any track that has jumps too big for me. But it's hard to find a good old-fashioned track before the current jumping craze. Just practice a lot till you find you're good and competent. I found a section of unused ground and made my own track. And dress for the crash. Buy all the protective gear you can.