Katoom Updates


AssClown WannaBe
N. Texas SP
Aug 18, 1999
New grips and pegs. Also get to park it in my study for a bit while I finish out a project in the garage. :)



DRN is my fault.
Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
So is this one going to be dedicated SM? I ask because the only thing that bothered me about Dave's CRF was the height. Seems like some (4"?) off the travel would really be sweet on pavement. Don't know if you remember hearing about Rich's lowered YZF, back around 2000 I think ... that thing turned! There was no getting inside him in the corners. That and he lived to park people :)


AssClown WannaBe
N. Texas SP
Aug 18, 1999
No. I have dirt setup as well. In fact.... when I go to El Paso, it will be sporting the dirt setup for some desert riding.

The SM setup turns the bike into the funnest platform that I have ridden on the street. The only drawback is the 200 mile service intervals. I'm fine with the ride height as it sits. I've been trying to teach myself to back it into corners. It's really difficult to unlearn 8 years of street technique when setting up for cornering.
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Jul 27, 1999
Twinny - Having ridden stock height and DTX valved and lowered suspension on both street and dirt, the DTX lowering setup Jeremy does is really hard to beat. My lowered YZF420, was great that way but my DTXed CRF450 is just unreal. Nothing that I've ever ridden turns like it or instills confidence like it when the bike gets loose, on dirt or pavement.

Just for fun here some info Eric's old buddy Tryce Welch (who passed away recently) sent me about setting up DTX bikes and weight bias. It's DTX/flat track info but it's really interesting and useful info when you are playing around with SM stuff.

Ok, right out of the Top Secret FFR files(lol).
C&J 505 Rotax...no fuel
Crank to Rear Axle(centered)28.5'
Crank to Front Axle(55mm offset)26.25'
Front Wheel wt...120#
Rear Wheel wt...120#
Weight Bias...50%x50%%
Rake....25 degrees
notes...fuel changes bias to 50.5x49.5 fr to rr

KX250DTX...1/2 tank fuel
Crank to Rear Axle...31'
Crank to Front Axle(stock 55mm offset)...25'
Front Wheel Weight...115#
Rear Wheel Weight...105#
Weight Bias...51.5%x49.5%
Rake...25.5 degrees
If you notice, the front and rear axle to crank are within an inch and the bias is within 1%.
These measurements are from my notes and what other builders have done I cannot say.

As far as the trail figure goes, The only time I had a problem that might be attributed to the difference in the 2 styles of bikes, was a few yrs ago when I first started setting up DTXers, several local pros notice the front end pushed going into the turns on a 1/2 mile. Stan Millard helped me out by suggesting and building me a set of 65mm offset clamps for a YZ250. Thats all it took to get rid of the push. Now after several yrs and many bikes later, wether its the new setups or just the riders adjusting their riding style or whatever, I never found it nessecary to go to the adjustable clamps. Seeing that most of the younger riders grow up on the DTX bikes, I tend to think that they have just learned to ride it 'DTX' style. I could see where the riders that have been on framers for a long time, might feel 'awkward' at first, but then everyone needed to adjust to the single shocks when they first came out. I am not or never have, claimed the DTX is the ultimate DTer, but they can be a very versatile alternative.

If you really get serious about this stuff invest in a slipper clutch. It's the dirty little secret of a lot of SM & DTX guys.

I tried the Rekluse in my CRF and it's fun but a true slipper like I have in the KTM 690 & 1290 are worlds better.

The DTX drop and valving takes about 4" out of the suspension but it can still land some fairly big jumps without issue. On asphalt it's unreal.

Here's what it looks like with 17" & 19" wheels. DTX_19s_OTN_drn.jpg DTX_SM_450_DRN.jpg

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