KDX200F Info Page (Wiring Diagram)

Jan 15, 2005
OK due to popular demand I have created a simple web page with some downloads and links for the KDX200F or AKA SR. This is just the info I have collected from fellow KDX'ers on this site and info I have found out on the net. And yes it has this darn wiring diagram that is impossible to find.

KDX200F Info

I know how much of a pain it is to try and find some of the info specific to these models in a hurry so I hope I can make life easier for some people.

I am going to add some text here to allow anyone in the future who uses the "Search" feature to find this thread. I hope the moderators don't mind.

KDX200F KDX200SR KDX200 F KDX200 SR Aussie RTA RACV RACQ Blinkers Horn Turn Signals Oil Pump registration green slip headlight lights cement resistor speedometer speedo Australia New Zeland Compliance Plate
Sep 16, 2006
Thanks for the info again....took it to my bike buddy and he said it was a help but not the exact diagram. The SR version is different.

Would you know where I could get a copy?



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