Motocross Knee Braces - Dll Defender ( Review ) Pt. 2

Dec 31, 1969

by: David "Thump" Vaught

The design objective is simple... Provide maximum protection to the knee during vigorous sporting activity with minimum restriction of the function of the knee joint.

The exo-skeletal design of the Defender Pro1 encloses the vulnerable parts of the knee in a strong shell, protecting it from impact injury.

$735-745 for one (price depends on UK exchange rate)

Initial Impressions:
  • Out of the box... SOLID carbon fiber work of art
  • 26 oz. on my scale!
  • Tibial rotational hinge!!!
  • Not easy to adjust extension stops
  • Great fit with boots
  • Does not catch on pants liner
  • Excellent fit
  • Wonderful strapping
  • 12 sizes available ensure a custom fit
  • Complete encapsulation of the knee
Doyle International Limited (DIL) comes to us from the UK and is seeking a way to break into the US market. The Defender Pro is just the product to do that.

Initial Concerns:
From a functional stand point, none, this brace is awesome. When bent at a 90 degree angle the encompassing knee cup seemed to stick out forward rather far but was easily corrected by removing some of the padding on the inside.

Weight lifting and running:
During leg workouts and running the Defender Pro feels great, no migration down the leg. Smooth fluid motion in the hinges and the straps are very nicely made. A knee sleeve is a must because the condylar padding WILL pull your hair.

The brace fits well under normal riding gear (2000 MSR Rage pants) only slightly more bulky than the Cell. Pinching the tank with the brace feels completely natural as soon as you get on the bike. The brace does NOT tear up tank or shroud graphics. Range of motion was excellent. The most comfortable brace I have ever worn. I thought the brace would get hot because it is encompassing but it breathes remarkably well even on a 95 degree Texas afternoon.

Very strong with excellent surface coverage. When you reach full extension under a load you know it is not going anywhere. I had my leg out going around slick blue groove corner, slid the back end out a bit to far and when the bike regained its composure my foot hit a rut... SNAP I was at full extension and the bike pivoted on my leg, this thing is really strong. There is no doubt in my mind that this brace would have saved me from an ACL injury... if I had only known then what I know now, but hind sight is 20/20.

Wash with mild soapy water, let air dry, light lubrication on hinges with graphite if needed. Water sport friendly. If the product is damaged in a heavy collision, they can replace the damaged component at a cost. The unit is modular therefore every component can be replaced in the event of a break, therefore you wont have to go out and buy a new brace say if just the shin section is damaged. The brace will in turn last as long as you continue to ride.


Complete custom fit
Tibial hinge!
Smooth action
Solid carbon fiber
Fast putting on and taking off
Fits well under riding gear
The most comfortable brace I have ever worn
The best knee cup protection available
14 different size combinations
Replaceable parts.


The hardest to adjust extension stops
Knee sleeve MUST be worn unless you legs are hairless


Doyle International Limited
The Spires
2 Adelaide Street
Luton, Bedfordshire
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1582-755-000
Fax: +44 (0) 1582-755-009

General Information
Provided by Doyle International Limited

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