Mulberry Trails,Inc.


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Dec 26, 2001
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We drove up there to ride one weeked but a neighbor had already complained about noise and dust. The EPA got involved and they ran him out of business because some dirt was getting in a trickle of a creek or some other such drainage non-sense. So needless to say, scratch that one of the list.

**** EPA!!! ****** Old people!!!
May 2, 2001
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If you make it over to Durham much, the guys at Triangle Cycles have got some Brochures/info on the place with prices and all. I'm going when it warms up a bit.

crash 1 time

i might know

ocechap said:
Has anyone ever ridden at Mulberry Trails near Lenoir NC. Sounds like a good family place to ride.

it might be look it up and read about and call them
Mar 2, 2014
A guy I work with rode there 4 weeks ago, he said he had a blast. He told me they have hill climbs, a circle track, jumps, woops, a drag race for atv's, and trails in the woods. I am going there towards the end of march with my friend. Here is the phone # and address Mulberry Trails INC. 3799 mulberry creek rd Lenoir n.c. 28645 (828) 757-0252. Spread the word and post some pics/videos on youtube. Bill

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