My First KDX200

Sep 16, 2016
So, I am here in SA, I bought a 06 KDX 200 about 2 weeks ago. the bike seems to be very clean.

I need some help on 3 issues for now.

1. When i stop riding, the bike seeps fuel through and i have to turn "off" the main valve
2. i am going to do more Enduro style riding for now (just for fun) and do a lot of training, like cross training and so on). how should i setup my suspension
3. My friend also bought a 06 KDX 200, but his bike is smooth all the way. When i pull away the bike goes forward in each gear, but then it pulls like a bat straight out of hell.

I do not want to take my bike to a Mechanic, i need to learn how to do EVERYTHING myself...

Please Help

Jun 28, 2016

1. Clean the carb and check your float height
2. You can easily adapt KX/KXF fork (check

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