N Z Enduro

Sep 13, 2010
After nearly cancelling due to fire risk Waimiha (pop 23)Enduro ( round 1 of N Z Champs) was held in a dry dusty plantation of Monterey Pine growing on volcanic ash covered hill-side. Yes it did rut up easily and some top runners were a bit rusty , but fun was had by most. A few new to the sport found it hard going as all the trees are 7 feet apart and no roadways were used, Just 130 Km of left-right-left. The entry was world class with all members of NZ ISDE club team on hand after there second overall placing in Mexico, The extreme boys Chris Birch (winner of The Roof Of Africa three times and Romaniacs once) and Rory Mead ( runner up At the Roof )turned out as did Jason Davis for his last ride before heading to Europe to take up his Pro career, and also a bloke familiar to some of you US boys, known as the AXE-MAN yes Paul Whibley fronted up fresh from his 3rd place GNCC outright and renewed confidence and on a bit of a winning streak on your side of the pond (he wants his number one plate back and for the first time will run the same bike as last year). Everyone had the same amount of luck to play with but some found the bad kind rising to the top and first to feel the bad was Adrian Smith from the ISDE boys when he took a training fall and damaged ribs etc. And as the race progressed next to sample a set back was Jason D when his rear shock dismanteled itself and began locking or po-going at random after only 30 Km. He would finish dissapointed with the mechanical but happy to fly the flag. The Extreme Boys become just Rory after Chris Birch tried a little tree hugging with a torso sized trunk, clutch and bark buster both removed from handlebars and stars in sight it was retirement time. As I was running a time check/ fuel stop it was time to hurry up and wait for the second coming ( of riders that is and as average speed was increased from 24Kph to 30 Kph racers were redder and fewer people on time.
The ISDE boys took another blow when Chris Power separated his left shoulder and was in obvious pain as he gassed and counted down to his minute (he finished the day and separated his shoulder once more on the way but just after his first oops he lost his way and was excluded for short cutting). Hit number 2 was when his cousin Carl Power floundered in a dusty terrain test and lost valuable seconds while needing 2 goes at one up hill. After finishing time check duties and seeing the fuel dump safely removed from the forest it was time to relax and oggle the result sheets.
Jason Davis an admirable result with no rear shock
Chris Power excluded after valiant effort and off to see the doctors
Chris Birch broaken bike and tenderised body no result
Adrian Smith below par due to lack of breath from rib damage
Carl Power third by 2 seconds after poor line on one up hill
Rory Mead second on hassle free day while mending a minced knee
AXE-MAN Paul Whibbley first by about 20seconds after 5 terrain tests. Sunday was just another day for Paul as he swept all before him in a GNCC in the same forest but on different (easier ) trails.
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