Need help! :) 250 4 stroke or 2 stroke

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    Hello, I wonder what to buy. I've driven 85cc before but it was 2014 and it was way too small. I it drove about 1 year. I weigh 80kg/173.3lbs and im 189cm/6.2ft and 15 years old :). My budget is around 20000kr/2257USD but the highest is 25000kr/2822USD :) I will drive both Enduro and on a mxtrack. I Preferably want a 250 2 stroke but do not know if it's too much i do not want 125cc
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    2 stroke is cheaper to maintain. A 125 will teach you better riding technique b/c you have to maintain momentum more.

    If money isn't an issue 4 stroke b/c it is easier and less tiring to ride but on a budget a 2 stroke is the best choice, will last longer and cheaper to maintain, IMO.

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