new to this need some advice

Jul 31, 2018
hey guys so im new to the dirt bike world. I came across a 2000 kdx-h for like 325 bucks not running though anyways
where should i start
i know its a two stroke i know i have to mix the gas and oil but do i do it in a 5 gallon tank or do i poor it seperate in the bike and it mixes itself in the bike
cause there is a oil spot and obvious a gas spot
can i still get parts for the bike like i know i need a carb cap, tires, and my throttle doesnt spring back
can anybody help
Dec 31, 1969
Welcome to DRN and owning a dirtbike!

The very first thing you need to do is order a shop manual. You can find these online in either printed or pdf format.
The next is read everything you can about the bike, this KDX Forum is a good place to start. The search function is your friend.

Yes, you need to premix the gas/oil in a seperate can before putting it in the tank. Get a good 2-stroke oil and mix it per the instructions on the container. You'll find an insane amount of discussion about ratio ... don''t worry about that at first. Run the ratio the oil maker recommends. If there's a local motorcycle shop, pick up some 2-stroke oil and oil for the crankcase. Someone there will lead show you what to get based on what brands they carry.

To make mixing and getting the ratio right, get a "Ratio Rite" while you're there. Search youtube for how to use it. You'll need a 2 gal or so gas can. I wouldn't mix 5 gallons unless I was going to ride all weekend. I prefer not to let premix sit a week or two.

The "oil spot" you mentioned is not engine oil, it's the crankcase/gearbox oil. Different purpose, different oil. See this thread:
kdx 220r crankcase oil?

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Good luck with the new bike!