Newb can't hot start YZ250

May 31, 2017
Well the title says it all. I searched the forums but couldn't make heads or tails of the results. I haven't had a 2 stroke dirt bike in 24 years. It was a RT100 lol. I have been on Harely's for years so my knowledge of 2 strokes is crap. My 93 YZ250 was purchased to ride the mountain trails when I camp or hunt which is a lot 6-7 months out of the year. I'm not out to hit jumps because I'm getting too old and beat up to get hurt.

Ok down to it:
I don't need choke to cold start
I can't hot start it for the life of me (once it dies it's down for the count)
I'm running 32:1
When it's running it's got more than plenty of power for me.
I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow around noon so I'm hoping some of you veterans can chime in and help me not get ripped off.

Thanks in advance,