Ogio MX Flight Vest

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The Ogio MX Flight Vest is made to deliver a ton of low-profile storage, keeping your gear in organized pockets so you won’t get slowed down with awkward packs or unbalanced loads.

To hold all of your tools, snacks, and equipment, Ogio makes the Flight Vest from thick, durable synthetic fabrics with robust stitching. A whole host of pockets spread across the vest make it possible for you to custom sort your gear.

With a solid organization layout, you’ll be able to reach crucial gear without much searching and keep non-essential gear stowed out of your way. The Flight even has an integral water bladder to keep you from getting thirsty. Pick it up and you’ll get loads of storage, plenty of convenience, and zero wasted space.

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Title : Ogio MX Flight Vest
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Aug 4, 2000
Seems that the name is wrong. Should be called Enduro Flight Vest or XC Flight Vest. Anything but MX...well SX would be worse.
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -