Riding in Rochester, NY

Apr 23, 2002
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I need some help from some local guys. I would like to ride my dirtbike in this area and have found some trails in henrietta. I don't think they are legal but there are ATV trails everywhere in this specific area. The only access that I have seen is at the end of a cul-de-sac(sp) and there are houses nearby. I don't want to get in any trouble so I'm hoping some people can give me a good place to park my truck and hop on these trails. I've also seen some trails on the railroad beds in the chili area but once again I don't know of any discrete area to park. It would be great to get out this summer because I originally moved from Leroy, NY which has a bunch of trails easy to access.


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Nov 21, 2000
Dapper lives up your way. I sent him an email to help ya out...
Oct 23, 2003
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I live out in Ontario, NY which is on the other side of webster comeing from webster. There are alot of orchard riding in my area as long as you are fairly quiet.


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Jan 25, 2002
My best advice is to check out the local bike shop. I think Cycle Stop in Henrietta can point you in the right direction or maybe a local club. Check out Trailpass.com. We have some places out here in Wayne County but, I'm not sure how legal they are. My club has our own property to ride on. One thing for sure if you come to Wayne County be insured and registered. (should be anyways)Also be quiet. If youwant to check out Wayne County come to the Wayne County Hare Scrambles on July 24th. It's north of Newark on route 88 (Fairville).
Mar 12, 2006
that is just 1 of the jumps in my back yard

just give me a email at nova_laker@hotmail.com
rideing is free, also if you ride here you ride at your own risk.
a waiver must be sign'd
the track is almost a full mile long.
hope to see you guys this summer.

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