Separated Collarbone From Sternum, Neckbrace Use?

Oct 13, 2002
bad getoff got me a separated collarbone from sternum, it didn't heel right, the collarbone stuck itself on top of my sternum instead of into the side of it. now that joint is raised up about an inch off my sternum. doctor said it would be ok like that. my question is about neckbraces. ive never worn one, do you think I should or not with my situation? I like the atlas but it appears to sit near the collarbone like most of them. im a little worried when I wreck and fall on it, if it will put more pressure on the joint .and break it easier.

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
Wow...I'd have to defer to a doctor on that one. To make that decision would take a serious knowledge of how the brace will pressure your bones...and especially your bones in particular since they are no longer in the "normal" place.

If you do get a doc's opinion, please let us know what he said.
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