Sequoia National Forest

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    Well dudes, I'm new here, but not to riding. I live about 45 minutes from the Sequoia National Forest, adn I used to fight fire up there and mark commercial timber also for the USFS. I got a KX 250 in February and have taken it to Hungry Valley OHV park and also to California City. It's great for this type of terrain, but I am going to venture up to the high country to explore some of the many old fire and timber roads that intertwine this beautiful forest. I know first hand the spectacular views of the Giant Sequoias and the Kings Canyon some of these old Forest service roads can provide, but it never occured to me to go up there with my bike until I saw my old USFS boss up there at the old watering hole, and I asked her if I could take my KX250 2 stroke up there, and to my surprise, she said sure! Got a green sticker? I said yup. Got a USFS approved silencer and spark arrestor? Yup, I said I got the "Q". Got a helmet? Yup. What a pleasant surprise it was to hear that I can take my MX bike up there and trail ride with it, in such beautiful scenery. She said as long as you stay on the assigned roads and trails, no problem. I know an MX bike isn't the ideal trail riding bike, buy's all I got, and I think I can find a few places to open her up. Especially when it's 105 degrees down here on the valley floor. about 78 degrees up there! I will be going up there on Saturday and I will post in the database list when I return and provide the details that I discover up there. SOmetimes I wish I had a KXF for trailriding, but what the hell. It can be done on a 2 stroke too if that's all you have. You just got to be careful that's all. :cool:

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