suzuki shifter problems help

Aug 17, 2013
i have a 2008 suzuki rmz 250, went for a short ride tried to shift down wouldnt shift, had to keep pushing on shifter for a couple minutes to get it out of fifth gear finally got it out of fifth made my turn and shifted back up to fifth however the shift lever seemed floppy so i tried to shift down but wouldnt shift, shifter wasnt catching on anything stuck in fifth gear :bang: . im new to bikes so not sure what happened any help would be appreciated thanks.

High Lord Gomer

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Sep 26, 1999
When you get down by the shifter and wiggle it around, is the pinch bolt tight or does it wiggle around on the shaft?

Hopefully you just lost the bolt and can replace that.

Try shifting it by hand with the bike on a stand and while slowly moving the back wheel to unload the pressure on the gears as you try to shift it.
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dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
If the shifter is properly attached to the shift shaft and it is still not shifting, I had a similar problem once, but this was on an old KDX. The shift shaft return spring had popped out of place. On my old bike, the return spring was on the right hand side. I had to pop the cover off the right side of the motor and re-position the spring. It was just below and behind the clutch. It was cheap to fix, but took awhile to figure out what the problem was.

Not sure if that is the problem. You might want to see if you can locate a diagram of your transmission / shifter and see if the shift shaft return spring is easy to get to.