Thinking about getting a 86'-'93 125 2-stroke

Discussion in 'General & Off-Topic Discussions' started by MikeT, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Got a kid size problem here. I have a boy who is growing like a weed and still has pretty beginner bike skills. I used to have him on a KX60 which fit him 2 years ago. We weren't able to do too much riding last year because of a number of problems, but when I looked at him on a newer 85cc (just for size) he was too tall for that. I know he doesn't have enough skill for the power that ANY newer 125 or even 85's have but I need something taller for him. I am thinking about getting him an older 125 because they are taller and have probably about the same power as a current 85. I wish I could detune a 125 to have very little power so he could get used to it.

    I am thinking a '86-'89 CR125 or a '88-'93 KX125 might fit the bill. These bikes should also fit the budget. BTW, I am in Charlotte, NC if any of you have one of these older bikes. I just don't want to get him a bike that is too short. Most of the current smaller 4 strokes are either too short or too expensive (my budget is around $800 or less).

    What do you guys think?

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    Tough choice. A newer 4 stroke would be much easier for him to ride, but you are also looking at more $$.
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