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    Does anyone have any rants/raves for the "Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing" that they think would be good to know? Specifically, I'm looking to get rid of that little bit of stiction that I can't seem to get rid of to my liking, so I figured a throttle tube with bearings would provide that smooth operation and quick snap-back closed that I'm looking for.

    My biggest question that I can't seem to get rockymountainatvmc reps to answer is whether or not the end is open enough to still allow the use of bark-busters with the aluminum tube. People state that it's an open end, but I've tossed an aluminum tube into the "extras" box before because the opening on the end was too small to allow that expanding plug into the barend without causing interference and subsequently, a stuck throttle. :yikes: I guess I could have bored it out wider, but at that time it just sounded like more work than I was wanting to put in that night before the ride the next morning.

    Well, back to the original subject, does anyone have any experience with the part?

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