UFO Tail Light Wiring Question

Jun 30, 2009
For Christmas, my wife got me a new UFO rear fender with a tail light. My question is, how do I wire it? The UFO tail light has 3 wires and my '01 KDX200 has two. Which wires go where?

Thanks for any assistance.
Apr 3, 2009
The tail light has hookups for the dual filiments in the bulb... so in theory you could have a brake light and a tail light.

Either will work, I think one is brighter then the other. The combination that has the lowest resistance on your ohm meter will be the brightest one.
Mar 28, 2018
This is the UFO fender I installed on my 1991 KDX200.

The bulb that came with it has no markings but appears to be an 1157 bay15d.

These are the three wires coming from the UFO tail light assembly. The white/green one is the brake light. The brown one is the ground and the white one is the running light. My bike has two black/yellow ground wires connected to the male connector. A brown wire along with a red wire carry the voltage to the other male connector. I left the white/green one unconnected.

I like to crimp AND solder my connectors.
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