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Wierd clutch problem yz125

Discussion in 'Big Bikes' started by brentn, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Johnisenberg

    Johnisenberg Rookie

    Jun 27, 2016
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    I haven't changed top end yet so it not running but the clutches had oil in the case they were soaked with oil an someone had spring to tight an I wasn't getting any pressure but now I do but it not releasing the clutches it might be because basket notched it had notches in it an I filed em a little bit but might need it more I tried turning the steel plates when I had it apart an it was little rough to spin the plates so I don't know if clutches an plates are bad an springs or if it the basket but I filed it pretty good so I'm thinking it plates or clutches or springs because it won't release an it got new clutch cable an I adjusted it all the way out an it still don't disengage all the way

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