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Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Chest Protector | Motorcycle Superstore


Leatt offers loads of merchandise inside the 5.5 assortment, nevertheless the 5.5 Pro HD Chest Protector is crucial and the baddest of the bunch. It’s the heavy obligation, Mjolnir armor (Halo reference) type because it’s encased in CE permitted impression protectors and provides 360 diploma security. With all this armor Leatt had the foresight to supply a surplus of vents, 47 of them in fact, to help maintain you cool when you’re busting your ass on the bike. Check it out in further component proper right here to see if it’s greatest for you: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/61534/i/leatt-5-5-pro-hd-chest-protector?SiteID=YT_VD_Leatt55PHDChstPrtr&WT.mc_ID=14004

Colors: Black (Shown), White
Sizes: Adult, XXL

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  1. I heard the only difference in size between large and xl is that the xl is
    longer for taller people but has the same adjustability for weight …is
    this true? Also is there shoulder adjustability to adjust how high or low
    the chest protector sits on your body?

    1. +Brandon Beaven You are essentially correct. The difference between the
      Adult and XXL sizes is that the XXL is longer in the back and the lower
      straps are longer. There are Velcro straps on each shoulder that adjusts
      the height of the front and rear plates. – jc

  2. Does this one also come with elbow and forearm attachments protection or is
    that something you’ll have get separate? because there’s the one that has
    back/spine, chest, elbow, forearm, and I believe side protection that is
    also from Leatt but that one has mesh type of fabric an although it has
    more protection the mesh is kinda of let down for me. I would rather get
    this one tho 

    1. +mario reynaga This product does not come with elbow/forearm attachments.
      Leatt does offer the Adventure Body Protector which uses a mesh chassis.
      The 5.5 Body Protector is similar, but it uses a lightweight fabric that
      isn’t quite the same so you might take a look at that version (
      However, there are many elbow options from Leatt. A common theme with these
      products is that they all use sleeves as attachments rather than Velcro
      straps. Good news if that’s your style, bad news if it isn’t. Here’s a list
      of all the elbow protection they offer –
      Hope that helps. – jc

  3. The product shown in the video is not the product I received. The one in
    the video has adjustable shoulder pads and the one I recieved does not. The
    shoulder pads sit on my upper arm and not the shoulder and there is no way
    to adjust it. In addition it makes the the drop down sleeves sit too low
    rendering them useless. If you are looking at this product for shoulder
    protection as I was save your money, it doesn’t cover the shoulder at all.

  4. This armor is really comfortable and works well in a crash but it just
    falls to bits,i have about 6 zip ties holding it together after only a year
    of use while my old armor lasted 10 years…….


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Start earning Pit Pass Rewards from Chaparral Motorsports! Every 250 points earns a $5 reward voucher - Shop now!