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BEST ENDURO & DIRT BIKE BOOTS?: enduro motovlog #89


From http://www.crosstrainingenduro.com Which are probably the greatest enduro boots and enduro boots on the market for dirt driving right now? This vid focuses on the Sidi Crossfires and Gaerne SG12 nevertheless we do acknowledge there are top quality boots being put out by others too: Fox Instinct, Alpinestar Tech 10, TCX Pro, Forma Predator and so forth.

We’ve had loads of questions on which are the right boots for enduro and dirt driving, and which boots I’m using. Lower leg accidents are fairly widespread, notably when guys placed on low value dirt bike boots. My first tip might be spend money for high-quality boots. Boots and an excellent helmet are the two defending devices you will need to put some money into… and I’m speaking from personal experience.

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So the right motocross boots or biggest enduro boots? The Italians make the good motorcyles, they make the good boots moreover. Generally the Gaerne SG12 and the Sidi Crossfire boots are seen as the very best two. And positive it’s pronounced, ‘Garnay’, not Gern or Gay-urn as most of us say.

There are totally different good boots at an equivalent value, nevertheless basic the Gaerne SG12 and Sidi Crossfire stand out in shopper evaluations based mostly totally on comfort, security, longevity, sole placed on and the best way simple they’re to walk in.

Personally I opted for the Sidi Crossfires because of they’re about on par with the Gaernes and are sometimes about $100 cheaper. Yes I’m an honest arse even referring to the required stuff.

So why spend some large money on the Gaerne SG12 or Sidi Crossfire? Plenty of men like cheaper boots because of they’re additional versatile, nevertheless it is as a result of they’ve a lot much less security. Sidis and Gaernes are well-known for not needing any breaking in – the are comfortable immediately, nonetheless assist you to do gear modifications and apply rear brake, and are simple to walk in. But you get full security on the same time.

Here’s a comparability with an reasonably priced boot, the Scot 250. The Sidi Crossfire is quite a bit higher in so some methods.

Similar to helmets, it’s worthwhile to make sure a boot is comfortable first. Too many guys buy on-line then uncover out it does truly match. Support your native bike retailer, try them on there and buy them there too.

Plenty of men want their boots to be waterproof. No producer will guarantee this actually. A costlier boot will maintain waterproof longer, nevertheless it is solely a matter of time. My Sidis have been waterproof for about three months, then over time have allowed more and more extra water in.

Loads of men use the smaller additional comfortable journey boots for journey driving or simple path driving, nevertheless my view is it’s nonetheless worth having most security. If you pay additional for good boots identical to the Gaerne SG12 or Sidi Crossfire you will nonetheless have the comfort.

We are lucky to have devoted motorbike boots we’ll afford. I want to carry out slightly actuality look at every so often, and in addition you might bear in mind this Malaysian rider and his bike from an earlier video.

What about sole repairs? If you get this accomplished professionally, be sure that it’s a shoe retailer who does motorcross boots recurrently and is conscious of what they’re doing. Your widespread shoe restore retailer most likely won’t get it correct. What about do it your self? If a boot sole is just starting to peel away, you’ll merely put in some self tapping screws to halt this.

What about gluing a new sole in your self? It’s biggest to let the professionals at it, nevertheless in case you’re temporary on cash like me, use a six inch grinder to scrub and roughen the underside of the boot and the new sole. Use a heat gun to warmth up every surfaces, then apply an excellent glue like Sikaflex marine. I’ve tried this sooner than years prior to now and the one finally peeled off, so this time I’ve doubled up with a pile of screws. Dodgy dodgy work, nevertheless then that’s nothing new for me.

Just for an experiment, I did try to revive a finances Scott boots nevertheless the soles every peeled off as soon as extra inside two rides, which confirmed there isn’t any degree repairing these cheaper boots. No points though with Gaerne SG12 or Sidi Crossfire.

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  1. i was just looking at boots and there prices (i would love the sidi
    crossfire), but the prices. Let me put this in perspective, I bought my
    2006 250sx for 30 000 namibian dollar. lets say a good boot is about 500
    USD that makes it about 10 000 namibian dollar. that would make the boots
    about 1/3 the price of the bike!! at this point i feel like i have to make
    very thing myself to be able to afford it and yes i have been thinking
    about making my own boots.

      since i am an engineering student and there is a lot of people in my
      country with lots of leather work experience. i could probably make my own.

    2. +reino kotze that’s a pity that boots are so expensive, reino. i hope you
      find a cheaper way to protect your feet and lower legs. 🙂

  2. do you ever try Alpinestar? I think that Gaerne; Sidi and Alpine rules.
    Them you may also consider Fox
    And after that you have all the rest ….:-)

    1. I always have them. I also have Gaerne and they have a stronger
      construction. But Tech 7, enduro8 and Tech 10 até very good products. I
      think they are at the same level. Yet mi next boots will be Sidi. They look
      and feel smaler outside with the same level of protrction. And they are
      beutifull. 🙂

    2. +Andre Azevedo years ago the alpinestars were seen as a top boot, but i
      think they have become cheaper over the years… the lower models get quite
      a few complaints now. i’m not sure about the top model though, it does
      still seem to get good reviews most of the time.

      rider for dirt bikes, I don’t know the proper gear and other stuff aside
      from a helmet, goggles, and gloves

    1. +tommy magner123 i’ve never broken any tommy. worst thing that’s happened
      is now i’ve done 350+rides in them occasionally a buckle might come undone.
      great boots, will just buy another set probably, if and when these wear out.

  3. I got the Sidi Adventure, it is great. I got into a crash, and no pain or
    scratch on my lower leg. I should have bought motorcycle boots earlier on,
    lots of scaring on my shines.

    Get good knee protection too, twice I’ve hit my knee on a rock, luckily
    never broke it. I wear full armor protection now. I’m not sure about neck
    braces, tho? Any opinions?

    1. +Eibli i don’t wear one eibli but can’t add to what i mentioned in the vid.
      they seem to work to varying degrees depending on the type of impact….

  4. Alpine Stars Stella Tech3 are my first proper boots, and though it’s a
    foreign feeling, they are pretty comfortable right out of the box :0)

      my ankle and foot twice earlier. So, yeah, can’t believe I was riding hobo
      for so long.

  5. fuck should have looked at this last night just got cheep boots with the
    thought that if they wear out i could get another set and sill be cheaper
    than 1 good set oh well will use these till i can get a good set and keep
    the cheeps for backups

    1. yeah you definitely want to try before you buy, a mate of mine said his
      formas ordered online are great boots but turned out to be a bit too tight
      and has to sell them now. 🙁 and similar stories with sidis and gaernes of


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