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Adventure Touring Helmet Shootout | Motorcycle Superstore


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Motorcycle Superstore breaks down four of the very best Adventure Touring motorcycle helmets out there available on the market. These premium twin sport lids demand $350 or additional for the privilege of defending your dome. JC has owned all four of these helmets and supplies some personal evaluations along with highlighting important areas of effectivity and specific choices. There isn’t any official winner or loser – that decision is as a lot because the individual rider and their needs. Check out the hyperlinks underneath for full particulars, sizing, colors, value and availability for each model talked about on this video.

Icon Variant Helmet – http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/27995/i/icon-variant-helmet?SiteID=YT_VD_ADVhelmshoot&WT.mc_ID=14004
AGV AX-Eight DS Helmet – http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/43062/i/agv-ax-8-ds-evolution-helmet?SiteID=YT_VD_ADVhelmshoot&WT.mc_ID=14004
Shoei Hornet DS Helmet – http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/11021/i/shoei-hornet-ds-helmet?SiteID=YT_VD_ADVhelmshoot&WT.mc_ID=14004
Arai XD-Four Helmet – http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/43365/i/arai-xd-4-helmet?SiteID=YT_VD_ADVhelmshoot&WT.mc_ID=14004

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  1. Guys plz read this.

    The shoei is the best helmet here. Trust me. The AGV is not very
    aerodynamic. If u do a lifesaver with the agv it hurts ur neck. And also if
    u tuck the chin is so damn long it hits the tank ahhahah!

    The shoei ‘s peak also doesnt move at all at high speed. The agv shudders
    like a motherfucker.

  2. Helped out a lot. The fact that you broke it down in different categories
    was a selling point on what I’m going to get. 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Great vid, just about the right depth of information to give new bikers a
    ‘heads up’. I’ve just bought an Arai Tour X4, which does exactly what you
    have just described (comfort, venting, vision, etc.). I also tried on the
    AGV, as I thought this was also an awesome looking helmet. However, the AGV
    felt a bit too light and ‘flimsy’, and also build quality didn’t seem too
    great. Again, you were totally right about the AGV’s lower ‘angular’ visor
    profile, which does actually distort the light/vision and this is
    distracting – well worth considering this potentially problematic safety
    issue. I also tried on a Shoei, which felt almost as good as the Arai,
    however, again, you were right about the visor not feeling ‘fully home’
    when in its lowest position (is this a quality issue, perhaps?). I can’t
    vouch for the Icon, as my local bike shop didn’t stock this make. I suppose
    I would probably (personally) list them in order as Arai 1st, Shoei 2nd and
    AGV 3rd. I hope this helps – but please go to your local dealer and TRY
    them on, don’t just buy one off ebay because it ‘looks cool’! You might
    just live to regret it…


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Start earning Pit Pass Rewards from Chaparral Motorsports! Every 250 points earns a $5 reward voucher - Shop now!