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Fox V1 Motocross Helmet


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Coming with 7 completely totally different colorways, the Fox V1 Race helmet undoubtedly isn’t lacking for decisions! And don’t assume the V1 is simply a very good wanting entry diploma helmet each, the V1 comes with 13 air vents, three shell sizes and 4 EPS liner sizes. That’s a mark of fantastic top quality.


    1. +Jostein Panting Yes, it is DOT legal so it can be worn on the street. As
      for the goggles, that’s up to you and whichever color helmet you decide on!
      – jc

    1. +Motorcycle Superstore hi jc i bought it and its just amazing i also bought
      the santa cruz chameleon a great bike if you want to check it out click

    2. +Gonzalo Torres Valls Awesome! Hope it works out for you. I bought one for
      my daughter and it has been great. Let me know what you think when it
      arrives. – jc

  1. Hey I race snowmobiles and was wondering if this could be used for
    snocross. I really like the helmet, good price but I don’t know how it
    would do in the cold weather. If you guys could get back to me soon that
    would be great.

    1. +MICHAEL NEWMAN I imagine the V1 would be fine for snocross. However, I
      have barely any personal experience with snowmobiles. Also, I am unfamiliar
      with any safety regulations that might apply to snocross. That being said,
      this helmet is a quality piece of gear for the price. Fox offers the V1
      Breath Box separately for only 7 bucks (link below). Obviously, balaclavas
      are available if you need more coverage.I’ve played in the snow with
      regular dirt bike helmets and the real important item is a quality snow
      goggle. Even though it’s cold out, riding snowmobiles tends to work up a
      sweat – especially in racing situations. The V1 has moisture-wicking
      interior pads that can be removed and washed. It doesn’t feature the amount
      of venting as some more expensive helmets, but budgets are budgets… Let
      me know what you decide, either way. I’m curious to see if it works for
      you. – jc
      Fox V1 Breath Box –

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    1. you mean all I have to do is sit here, be lazy, and I am automatically
      entered to win?!
      Geez, this is almost as exciting as riding my motorcycle… but it’s not 😉
      Rock on!


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Start earning Pit Pass Rewards from Chaparral Motorsports! Every 250 points earns a $5 reward voucher - Shop now!