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Leatt Neck Brace Review | Fix Your Dirt Bike.com


This Leatt Neck Brace has saved my life… maybe. I have no idea if the crashed I expert the place life threatening or not, nevertheless due to this Leatt neck brace I’m going to under no circumstances know.

What I do know, is that if my pal had been sporting a Leatt neck brace he would nonetheless be driving dirt bikes with me. Instead he drives facet by sides and Jeeps, because of these are his solely decisions.

Leatt neck braces can save your life.

At Least Take A Look At Your Neck Brace Options! → http://amzn.to/22f7uy4

I see Leatt neck braces as a “Have it and not need it” piece of medicine, and I for one would comparatively have it.

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  1. Thanks for the review bro, i wish people would think a little bit more
    before going into any extreme sport.

    Its also great to know i am not the only big guy riding, i am 6 ft 7 in and
    310 pounds and i just started riding.

    Any advise would be more than welcome.


    1. +tianaie Good to see another giant in the sport! The main thing to
      understand for us big riders is that the physics involved with riding are
      increased significantly. Our weight and height make controlling the bike
      easier and harder at the same time. We can throw the bike around, and hill
      climbs are easy considering the increase weight on the back tire. But with
      any heavy object, it takes more force to control you and your bike at
      speed. You have to compensate with better technique and faster reflexes
      than smaller riders. Also, handlebar risers! I have 3 1/2″ handlebar risers
      on my KTM, and 2″ risers on my CR250. When tall riders like us stand up on
      bikes with low bars, we’re bent over too far and the overall balance of the
      the bike is compromised. Factor in the weight and everything goes to hell.
      With high risers you have overall more control of your bike, but you also
      restore the 50/50 balance that is key to smooth riding. Ride over some ruts
      with low bars, then do it again with high bars and you’ll see what I mean.
      Also, suspension, get our suspension setup for your weight. I swap the
      springs on all my keeper bikes with custom ones to accommodate my weight.
      If you have anymore questions please let me know, I love this sport and I
      want everyone else to love it too!

  2. about 3 months after I bought my Leatt GPX Pro Lite, I had a hard kick of
    because i cross rutted in a hare scramble race, and that brace did its job,
    i landed on my shoulder and was ale to race the second moto. (We do 2
    shorter hare scramble motos in the series i am in.) John, I one thousand
    percent agree with you about the neck braces, and safety gear in general. I
    learned this the hard way, back when I raced motocross, I was wearing very
    cheap boots, (120 for the pair), and i landed short on a step up double and
    broke my right ankle, and severely sprained my left ankle. I then purchased
    a pair on Alpinestars Tech 7 boots, and you can tell the difference in
    almost every way, built quality, comfortableness, and style. It kills me
    when i see someone buy a cheap helmet, but i guess if you got a ten dollar
    head, wear a ten dollar helmet.


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Start earning Pit Pass Rewards from Chaparral Motorsports! Every 250 points earns a $5 reward voucher - Shop now!