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Mammoth Mx | 2017

Thor MX
The THOR MX amateurs came out swinging at the 50th Annual Mammoth Motocross. Hosted in the scenic eastern Sierra’s, Mammoth Motocross is one of the most iconic amateur races in the country. Rock River Yamaha’s Justin Cooper walked away as the undisputed king of Mammoth winning six out six motos. Save up to 75% on…

Dusty Wygle: World’s First BMX Lazy Boy Backflip

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The BMX lazy boy backflip is an incredible trick, but what makes it even crazier is that Dusty Wygle is not strictly speaking a dedicated BMX rider. He’s Nitro’s jack of all trades, working shows on crazy contraptions, mountain bike, and pitbike primarily. So for him to stick a World’s First on a BMX is…