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Nitro World Games | July 16, 2016


Witness the inaugural Nitro World Games July 16, 2016 at Rice-Eccles Stadium!

Tickets and info at http://www.nitroworldgames.com.

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  1. u guys have have given me the opportunity to get out and try new things.
    Travis when I saw you and your crew in nitro circus the movie I I as siked
    u lit a part of my brain to do that. PS good job at being first to land a
    double back flip in the X games. if u have any advice for me to jump a dirt
    bike and have no fear .BUT u should try or attempt a to help me with a
    video and help me stop being a big pussy with a dirt bick I am begging you
    to help me PS I live in a small town in Idaho. soda Spings Idaho if u ever
    come around here or at least write back if you have any time my name is
    kayson call