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Racer X Films: Baker’s Factory Tour


Aldon Baker supplies us a tour of the Baker’s Factory and provides considerably notion on what his subsequent plans are.


  1. *Baker’s Factory*, where motocross enthusiasts go and end up hating

    Aldon Baker has ruined a few careers. I do not have proof (nobody does, I
    guess) but I feel like this is the kind of guy that makes you get back on
    the bike when you are still injured while filling you up with painkillers.
    I hope one day a rider comes out and shows the truth behind this *Bakery*.
    There is a huge motocross scandal growing more and more there in Florida

    Remember that in WWE CM Punk accused a couple of doctors to have mistreated
    him and have made him perform when he was injured. Almost nobody believed
    him… but add a couple of years and those doctors are now fired after
    years and years of bad practice

    1. +Diego Ruiz Yes he has, and now dung is walking away with titles. Dungey
      has repeatedly said the difference is Baker.

      Muquin’s a great rider no doubt, but better with the best training program
      out there.

    2. +Diego Ruiz yea never mind he completely rejuvenated dungey’s career, mad
      RVP a champ, took musquin and anderson and turned them into 450 contenders.

      Never mind he’s been directly involved in every sx championship for the
      better half of a decade, but oh my his training program is “too hard”.

    3. +brody miller Villopoto ended up hating racing motocross/supercross at a
      pro level. Carmichael hated it too to the point he retired fairly young and
      move to car racing
      Everts retired at the top of his game like RC (2006 World MX1 Champion) but
      at least he was 34. Ricky was 27 and he competed a few times in unregulated
      competitions like the X-Games

    4. +Diego Ruiz Dungey and Carmichael both took multiple tests and never tested
      positive for anything. Stewart had been done training with Aldon for a long
      time when he failed his testing, and Villipoto was never accused of taking
      PEDs. Carmichael and villipoto are the only ones who have retired and
      neither of them hate racing. Carmichael and Dungey are two of the least
      injured riders to have ever graced the sport. Literally every argument you
      just stated was shot down so…

  2. Diegomust be forgetting that the riders are voluntarily training with
    Aldon. Seems like the weak riders are the ones that quit I.e. Roczen and
    Cianciarulo. But keep thinking he’s forcing them to ride. It sure looks
    like Dungey is doped out of his mind…..oh wait.

    1. +Jake Luther Roczen is weak? Dude has no problem keeping up with Dungey
      when his starts don’t suck. I think he just didn’t care for the program
      because it was sapping the fun from riding his dirtbike. He’s still one of
      the fittest riders out there as he’s proven this year in many of his rides.
      AC obviously wasn’t getting the results he wanted with Baker. He is now
      training with Ryan Hughes it looks like, and that’s probably a good choice
      because Ryno has definitely helped Tomac return from injuries well.

    1. +JCDesertFilms I think it’s a different property from what I remember
      reading. I believe one of the Honda teams bought ‘Poto’s old home.

  3. He’s done good with a few guys , I think that he is one of the first but
    there will soon be many to come that actually ride that can bring more
    relevance to riders training .

  4. Once again you are wrong, Carmichael retired because he wanted to go out on
    top, there’s more than one interview where he states that 2008 and 2009
    were some of the hardest years of his life because he still wanted to
    complete really bad. Villipoto ran out of competition in the US and didn’t
    like getting beat in Europe so he quit, and once again, he was not training
    with Baker when he retired.


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