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Racer X Films: Justin Barcia


Simon Cudby caught up with Justin Barcia preparing for the Monster Energy Cup aboard a privateer Honda CRF450R out in SoCal.


  1. The quality of this video blows my mind. If you are willing to fly people around the country to represent your brand. Or even source local work for each event you guys really need to step up your mass media. Like come on. The audio and transitions were absolutely horrendous. Coming from a videographer you guys NEED to get it together with this quick edit and upload content. It is not hard to spend another 45 min in post correcting transitions and audio. I am a paid subscriber to Racer X and honestly I watch more Youtube than I read the magazine. Think about it a bit more back in the marketing office. Some industrial changes need to be had, this isnt the first poor output from the moto media.

    I don’t see Redbull or Monster with this quality. Regardless the budgets you are working with. Justin creating his own team is worthy of more effort than this…
    Think a little moving forward.