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2018 TransWorld Motocross 450 MX Shootout | TransWorld Motocross


The 2018 TransWorld Motocross 450 MX Shootout is a comprehensive review of the 450cc four-stroke motocross bikes offered by the leading motorcycle brands.


  1. LaFountaine picked the KTM? Any surprises there? Shouldn’t have a “test” rider that rides a KTM professionally. You could see him fumbling for reasons as to why the KTM is better than the Husky 😂

    Other than that fantastic video! 👍

  2. Its interesting to me how theres like 5 websites that do a 450 shootout and all of them praise the same manufactures but all get a different winner pretty much

  3. ktm could give you a bag of shit on two wheel and you would still say its really good. all the other manufacturers could give you practically a factory bike off of the show room floor for 15k and it would still take last.

  4. Hey awesome vid thanks Transworld ! I think it would be cool to make a 250 4t vs 450 sort of shoutout. The point would be to know what’s the better bike for different type of riders. For example : – a beginner – an intermediate – and a really fast rider. Or someone who rides agressive or another rider who rather be smooth and ride on the torque…etc