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Pain Releaf | Tyler Bereman | TransWorld Motocross


Tyler Bereman is known for doing things his way. The California rider has long been one of the most talented riders on the two-wheels, evident in his racing history and freeriding prowess, but he’s also acquired numerous injuries over the course of his career. Rather than go down the same path of his peers and their struggles with prescription pain killers, Bereman turned to medicinal marijuana to help with the injuries. With the support of Weedmaps, an online legal community and technology platform, that brings a level of expertise to the masses, Bereman is able to advocate and educate others on the benefits of marijuana.

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  1. The big Pharma companies are messing with everything. They put Fluoride,, a: neurotoxin, is the main and sometimes only poison in rat poison, and the most destructive free radical on the periodic table, in the prescription drugs these days. Floride is something that should never be on or in your body, yet they poison us with it in toothpaste and in our water and in all the pain medications. The amounts used in everything are get larger too. Beware! There is poison in the medications. There are poisons in your “safe” drinking water too! Invest in a super water filter. Use non fluoride toothpaste, grow your own pot, aren’t there community grows? Prescription drugs are designed to kill us via addiction and poisons. Spread the word!

  2. I broke my ankle really bad a few months ago. They had me on pain pills. I only took 6 of them over two days. When I stopped taking them I got a 104 fever and was really sick. Never taking pain pills again. Maybe this could be the answer.

  3. im honestly surprised for transworld to post something pro cannabis but i mean its true and im glad this kinda stuff is being led into the right direction

  4. I smoked weed when I was younger and it did absolutely nothing for pain, it actually made it worse and it’s also really bad for your lungs and cardio, so not very good for motocross.

  5. I use cannabis everyday. Edibles are my choice. I’m 38 years old been racing since I was 12. I still run Open A and 30plus A. I currently run marathons and ultra marthons with cannabis in me. I hold a 7 min mile all day every day, A big up yours to the people who say it bad on lungs and cardio.(uneducated people) Fuck the pills