2018 Honda CRF250

For this edition of the 18s we take a look at the 2018 Honda CRF250. This bike features an all new frame, electric start, new motor, dual exhaust, downdraft intake, and slimmer design.


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    • Everybody likes things that become rare and nostalgic. Especially since we pretty much all grew up riding 2 strokes. The new 4 strokes destroy 2 strokes although they’re very run to ride. The razor thin power band and minuscule amounts of torque coupled with hard to find traction make 2 strokes non competitive anymore. It sucks but thats just reality.

    • d-ron well everything you just said is full of shit you just like listening to farts all day and actually 2 strokes dominate enduro because of there low end grunt and still heaps of top end your bullshti 4 strokes just overtook because they can make more money of them the world is driven around money more money they can earn they will go that way it’s how it is with literally everything in the world hey and get fucked small power band my 259 2 stroke pulls from idle to 8k no bogging in 5th gear just roll on and it pulls and narrow powerband these new four strokes are all go or nothing ride them on the rev limiter untill then your not even moving

    • +EnduroBluff you’re an idiot. 4 strokes have more usable torque and horsepower and have a nice linear power curve whereas 2 strokes require much more skill to ride fast and keep in the powerband. This makes 4 strokes much faster and easier to ride. Also 2 strokes only dominate in enduro because they are light and the 300’s have more power than 450’s

    • Find the images on google images. Type 2018 crf250r engine and take a look. Theres two intake ports and two exhaust ports and four cams. Theres a port per cam. That means each cam can flow as much as possible. They made one pipe bendier with an expansion chamber for low-mid and a straighter pipe without an expansion chamber for top end. This means they can tune the exhaust for the whole powerband. Obviously its going to come suited to what they’re going for stock but aftermarket you’ll be able to have a lot of options to move that power around to where you want it. It already had two mufflers and the head pipes are very small pieces of material so the exhaust itself isn’t adding a whole lot of weight over last year. The downdraft intake with the two intake tracts means it breaths a whole lot and those gasses can get out more efficiently now with the twin headpipes. Go check out the engine on google its amazing how it has 1 port per cam.

    • d-ron, no, mate there is ONE intake port and TWO exhaust ports, and no there isnt four cams. There is two cams, one cam for intake valves and one for the exhaust valves… hence why they are advertising the engine as a DOHC (Dual overhead cam) engine, rather than a Quad Overhead Cam engine.

    • Damon Holmes Lol no your wrong. There are two intake ports, the downdraft intake splits into two before it attaches to the engine. Then there are two exhaust ports and two exhausts. You are right there are two cams that was a typo by me I meant four valves and a port per valve which gives it a ton of air flow and efficiency. The images are on google it really is a beautifully designed engine.

  • This thing breaths! Once you can throw your own exhaust on the other side to go with this intake and open up that restrictive stock exhaust this bike is going to absolutely scream. Some pipes and suspension suited to the rider and this bike will be insanity. The good thing with twin head pipes is theres twice as much opportunity for tuning for the aftermarket so your going to be able to really find what your looking for. They could make two very bendy head pipes and add a lot of low end, or two very straight lined ones and allow it to scream even more up top than it does already. I can see this along with the Yamaha being the two favorites for privateers- and I ride a Husky.

  • I suppose they’re not going to tell you the faults of the bike. (1) If you race it, you’ll be lucky to get 20 hours, 30 hours if you’re lucky out of a top end (40 if you trail ride) (2) Top end rebuilds cost $3000 and UP! You cannot bore them over. (3) Honda will NOT take one (used) in on trade because nobody in their right mind will buy a used “modern 4 stroke” due to the crap for engine(s). (4) Keep in mind, these bikes “haul ass” only because the engines are built to compete with the lighter 2 strokes and to keep them light, the engine is built out of egg shells. (5) Just buy an old Yamaha TT500 and be done with it. Rebuild the engines every 30 years for $300.

    • I forgot: Post the shop’s name and phone number so I can call and verify they’re rebuilding modern four stroke race bike top end for $250. Let me hear it from the horses mouth, not the horses ass! You should have known.

    • Yamaha SR650 I just read it, your mate is going on about 150f’s and crf230’s hahahahahaha then says that 4 strokes are out of place in motocross… if they are out of place how come people go faster on them??

    • Yamaha SR650 he talks about 2 strokes making more power, while weighing less. But 4 strokes make USABLE power! With a 4 stroke the whole bike works as one… you lug the bike the suspension squats and pulls you through ruts better and your suspension actually works… 4 strokes are simply better

      In this case you are arrogant and ignorant… you’re like fucking 70 years old and I’m 19 years old and actually race the bikes that you are putting down… you simply do not know

    • I’m no fan of “true smokes”. I only owned one and it was one of the best in it’s days, a 1977 Maico 440 Magnum. I personally own/have owned three Yamaha TT500’s and still own one today. I also own the pictured (3 time magazine featured) 1979 Yamaha SR500 with its Hi-Per-Kinetics Stage Two 650 stroker engine. It alone puts out so much “useable power” to have it stuffed into a “Modern Four Stroke” chassis would be a Mojave Desert rider’s dream! It’d dust any “Modern Four Stroke” from turn to turn. I have engine receipts totaling $1280.01 in the engine back in 1982. That’s like $3300 in today’s dollars. The best part? It’s got well over “20 to 30 hours” on it! It’s got 37 YEARS on it! How? Why? It’s built good, not like today’s “Modern Four Stroke” dirt bikes. My  piston has what’s called a “skirt” on it. Yours has none. Sure, it has less friction and inertia but at the cost of reliability. Mine’s got a polished and magna-fluxed rod, tungsten crankshaft inserts for balancing, the Venolia piston was sent to a firm in Houston, Performance Polymers for an anti-friction polymer coating, the top engine case has been planed parallel to the crank, the cylinder was bored from the bottom up instead of from the top down which is not always exactly parallel too the cylinder’s bottom. The build list goes on in detail. Modern 4 strokes are built to scream at high rpms, the only way to keep up with the “smoke bombs”. “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”. The engine parts are extensively light so, they wear out quickly at 12,000+ rpm. Mine makes it’s 43% increase over the stock 31.5hp at a sluggish 6400rpm. You seem to forget the fact that with age comes experience, kid! You’re still 19 and popping zits. I’m 63 and started riding dirt in 1965. The fact that you sit there and put me down for being “old” means nothing to you. By the time I was 19, I was riding a fucking 6 year old BSA single 4 stroke. Sure, you’re 19 and already know more than I, a retired Master Mechanic and Industrial Engineer. If you want to go around the pits bragging how smarter you are than I, go for it, kid! Just make sure you tell your fantasies to kids your own age! try that shit to an old Dirt Digger or Checker M/C Club member (AMA District 37) and be prepared to shit your own teeth! Let’s hope you learned something this time, Woods! You should have known.

    • Modern Four Strokes are BUILT to race, ya mow-ron! They’re just not built to LAST! If they were built to last, the engines would weigh 40 or more pounds than they do now. That’s what you’re not understanding, kid! Sure, they kick ass and some even keep up with the much lighter 2 strokes but at the cost of reliability! Try to grasp that, kid! You should have known.

  • people will hate the crf in a few years and say it’s to slow and needs a update like they say about the rmz now. the excitement in this video annoys me. I miss the early 2000’s when things were simpler I guess

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