2018 Vital MX 250 Shootout


It’s time to find out which 2018 250cc motocross bike won our Shootout! This video is for those who like it short and sweet but for the real info and all the details, head over to the article for the full-length test. (link is above) For our 2018 450 Shootout, head here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdmilrq35xQ&t=20s

Title : 2018 Vital MX 250 Shootout
Video Length : “11:39
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    • tough to say what would suit you best then haha 😀 you where tall aswell right? im 189 and ride with a high seat and a higher bar, from what i found its hard to get a high seat for a yzf.. But some people dont like to ride with it anyway ^^

    • Jonathan Wallin I am 187, 82 Kilos ( without gear)
      Fitting of the yami was perfect!!
      Everything was, except the cornering.
      Im riding the 15 ktm 250 sxf and i dont like it at all…
      Power is not where i need it, corners not good and i always feel very unsafe. So the opposite of the yami.
      The yami is realy oerfect suited for me.. i just dont like how it corners. Its fighting me to lay into corners.
      And thats exactly what i love on the newer ktm, its cornering is sooo good! Suited okey for me. Just dont know about the power.
      And one other little thing: i realy struggled to scrub the yamaha. KTM does it almost by itself. But could be that i am not used to the whole chassis, bike ( yami) and it may does scrub good with dofferent technique.
      Did your yamaha testbike also stand up way too early in corners, ruts? Did it fight you to lay into corners?
      How was it compared to the ktm?
      Does the ktm also have the confidence aspiring aspect?

      Would realy appreciate some answers i couldnt find for years…
      Thanks alot!

    • Well i think you can get the yamaha to corner better with a diffrent angle on the tripple clamps, but thats kinda out of my knowledge.
      I rode a yzf 450 before and im used to fighting bikes so i tought the 250 was just fine, but not as good as the sxf.

      The ktm is a stable bike but is not as confident as the yzf and i think it comes down to the suspension mostly.

  • I think the jap bikes should lose the alloy chassis, I mean it looks badass but as ktm proves it really makes no positive difference to weight all handling. I mean you can’t deny the fact ktm are pretty much dominating worldwide. (Unbiased I don’t ride ktm)

    • andreas stefanou yeah like I said the alloy frame looks badass… are you European? Husky and ktm are huge out here, idk about America. I’d love to see herlings take ride ama even just for a series but I don’t think he’s interested. Yeah ken is probably my favourite Euro rider in the states. But Marvin is serious! He’s been schooled by the best lol

    • Yes Billy
      I am European. From Cyprus specifically
      (700000 thousands people☺)
      Ktm is growing very fast here also.
      I think that generally KTM have the best academy for young riders
      All the them are very technical and dominant

    • KTM is good, but when Roger was at Suzuki they dominated? Its more about the riders and the team, aluminium is better in some aspects and steel in some, the japanese needs to hire the right staff etc

    • I just sold my 2018 ktm after just two weeks and went back to kawi. It’s ALL rider preference, do not go out and buy the bike the cali magazines say you should. Most likely you’re not riding tracks like that, flat and highspeed, of course the lightest bike with the most hp would be good at those. I personally like showa stuff better than wp.

  • If the Husky finished behind the Honda that means the KTM did too but they just wanted it to win like usual. The Honda definitely should have won this and this is coming from a husky rider.

  • Hello Vital MX,

    thank you for your great review!
    But i have still question which probably more people want to know.
    In your 2017 250f shootout many riders mentioned that the front end of the Yamaha wants to climb out of täruts and corners. As an major result you placed the bike in 4th.
    Now this year the yzf technically has not changed, so im wondering myself what has happened to the problem last year.
    Was it an set up problem? Did u ride only one yzf last year and maybe it had a problem?
    Because i have to decide between the yzf and the ktm and if the yami realy has some corner issues, my decision would be clear.

    • The Yamaha crew seemed to have a better setup for some of our test riders when compared to last year, along with three of the riders being different this year (we try to keep the same guys, but injuries and work schedules don’t always allow for this). The negative to the YZ was still similar to last year, being overall size and front traction on some tracks, just the riders involved had different views on how severe this problem was in their final rankings. In the end, the ’18 YZ scored 19 points while the KTM 250 SX-F scored 12 points when rounded up. The YZ’s worst three scores were 5, 4, and 3, while the KTM’s were 3, 2, and 2. The Yamaha won on one rider’s list while the KTM won on three of our test rider’s list.

    • A full year of testing on every bike here to determine full-year durability would mean the Shootout wouldn’t come out until the next year’s bikes are available…(our 18 shootout wouldn’t come out until 19s are available) making them fairly useless. For our personal experiences, the majority of our test bikes have been fine mechanically over the same spread of time. But at the same time, we’ve encountered a problem with every single brand at one point or another. Got a story on something that failed? We can match it with every other brand.

      Every brand has occasional lemons but in the past five years we’ve had at least one of each brand’s 450 and 250 to place over 60-100 hours on during it’s time in our hands…most just needed a few clutches and a top end in that time. By example, our 2017 KTM 250 SX-F had just over 75 hours on it when we turned it back. In that time, it had a few sets of tires, sprockets, and chains…but mechanically it had received one top end and one clutch plate pack.

  • I would appreciate if someone that has more knowledge about bikes could help me. I am 13 years old 5 foot 6 inches and I moving up from 85. Well I talked to my parents about that I think 125 would help me develop my skills better and that I’m not ready for 250. They won’t let me get a 125 because they say in the long run I will get bored of 125 power and they say I’m ready for 250. I’m not sure what to do. Do I try to get a 125 or just go right to 250. They also don’t want to drop 7000 on a 125 and in 2 years drop 8000 grand on a 250. Please respond.

  • People are so biased and loyal to brands that, the only way to get a fair survey would be to put black plastics on every bike and just send the riders out. That would be more interesting and scientific.

    • You know, there’s always the fun little fact that only one test rider in our group picked the brand he owned. One rated the brand he owned 3rd, two of them currently don’t own bikes…we lend them different ones through the year…one was coming off 125s and had never ridden the brand he chose as his winner…another bought the bike he chose in this test, which mean he swapped from a different brand that was a 450. I myself picked KTM for the test and I’ve never owned one. Actually, my last eight personally owned bikes were Kawasakis (I haven’t purchased one in about five years though).

      As for black plastic…one look at them and each rider knows which bike is which just by the lines and frames.

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