Review/Tested: Cole Seely’s HRC Honda CRF450R – Vital MX

Honda’s HRC Factory race bikes are some of the most drool-worthy and most sought after bikes in the pits in any era. We were lucky enough to spend the day with Cole Seely’s personal HRC CRF450R at the end of the 2015 Outdoor season and here’s what we thought.

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Title : Review/Tested: Cole Seely’s HRC Honda CRF450R – Vital MX
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  • you need to stop saying POWERBAND… cause fourstrokes dont have them… 2 strokes have powerbands… 4 strokes have a torque curve not a POWERBAND!!! and you talk to much..

    • Powerband by definition is the operating speeds in which an engine can operate efficiently, it’s not limited to how many strokes an engine has. As for talking a lot? Yes, I do. It’s part of my job so I take it as a compliment.

    • A torque curve is more typically used to describe the layout of torque numbers along a dyno chart, which all engines have a “torque curve” as it gains and falls on both two and four-stroke engines. Four-strokes have a powerband as well, as there are points where the power gains and then falls off, it’s just in a more “spread” form than what’s found on a two-stroke engine.

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