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Racer X Films: Snow Biking with FXR

RacerX Online
FXR, the Canadian gear and apparel company, has made quite a name for itself in the snow, with almost every X Games sled or snow bike rider sporting their gear. Recently, they’ve been making a bold impression on the motocross community as well, being spotted on several riders in the pro pits. We recently had […]

Zach Osborne: Nervous About Not Being Nervous

RacerX Online
Defending 250SX East Region Champion Zach Osborne won his 2018 season opener in Dallas, but the always-truthful Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider admits he wasn’t at his best. Why not? What gave him concern? Jason Weigandt talked to Zach after the race–and as usual, Zach was an open book about everything.