Fork Seal Replacement Part 2 (of 2) Dual Chamber Style Forks


Fork Seals can go out at any time on your bike and knowing how to change them yourself will not only save you time and money, but it’s going to get you back up and riding a lot faster! In this video we demonstrate the proper steps to change the fork seals on a modern Showa or Kayaba dual chamber style fork. Having the proper tools for the job will make it easier and quicker. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries a wide variety of fork seals and fork oil for you to choose from. We also carry fork seal drivers and seal bullets to ensure this process goes smoothly. Pick your parts up today @!

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Title : Fork Seal Replacement Part 2 (of 2) Dual Chamber Style Forks
Video Length : “06:58
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  • Hello! Great videos, I want to ask why are you using different oils. my owners service manual for crf450r 2008 says that in my bike is 5W. Its a lot harder than my Yamaha YZ450F, its harder even I set the forks to soft. So I want to use 2,5W oil. Thanks for reply!

  • When we made this video the customer wanted these specific oils but in most all cases the same oil is used in both the inner and the outer chamber. Refer to your service manual for recomended oil specs.

  • What have you got it torqued to right now? I would get it as close as you can. I wouldn’t think it would make that big of a difference as long as it’s close to what the manual is suggesting but if you can get it there i would follow the manual.

  • You’ll need the fork seal as well and while you’re doing the one side i would replace the other side as well. So you’ll need oil and fork seals and then the necessary tools to do the job along with a service manual. It depends on if the bushings are worn out. If you haven’t changed them before it might be a good time to do so but i would refer to your manual for parts inspection

  • Heya, I just want to give you an enormous thanks for this video! The legs on my KX250F started leaking badly so me and a friend decided to give this a try. Didn’t have all the proper tools, but with your excellent instructions and a bit of willpower it’s done and the leg is as dry as can be. Cheers!

  • Your forks are the single chamber or cartridge type forks so you would need to refer to our Cartridge Type Fork Seal Replacement Videos for your bike

  • What a professional way of showing how to work on twin chamber forks, thanks heaps for sharing, this will help me so much soon when I go to do the job of my own, have a great week, Trev.

  • Awesome video. I am very impressed with RMATVMC from the parts selection, price, speed of shipping and instructional videos. I saw a comment below about what to do when you don’t have a seal bullet and electrical tape was mentioned… Here is a better tip: Cut the corner off a sandwich bag and put it over the top of the fork tube making sure it goes past the groove for the bushing. Oil the seal and slide it over the bag and then remove the bag. Skipping this can damage the seal.

    • +Dylan Siminoff Hey thanks for sending us some love! Glad our videos are making an impact and helping out. Thanks for sharing your tip on the sandwich bag, cool!

  • Help! Im confused, right before you finish your forks you put the second amount of oil in and then just put the fork back together? Wont there be air in the fork?

  • I replaced the seals and oil in my 2005 RM 125 step by step instructions. No issues and it seemed pretty smooth. Why does oil come out the top of the fork now when the bike was laid over? Everything is tight, I don’t understand.

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