Hinson Billetproof Clutch Basket

Hinson Billetproof Clutch Basket with Cushions are so good they’re used by the race teams of all 5 major power sports manufacturers. With this clutch basket, you can also get smoother clutch operation, more consistent lever pull, longer clutch life, and better response in your engine performance. How? Because with the Billetproof’s billet T6 aluminum alloy construction and aerospace-grade production tolerances, oil circulates around your clutch plates better, resistance to heat deformation is increased, and optimal operating tolerances are retained better than almost any other basket out there. You also get a set of clutch basket cushions that are tougher than stock so they won’t fall apart even after seasons of full throttle riding.

Title : Hinson Billetproof Clutch Basket
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    • Brett Coop it would also be buttery smooth if it did nothing but slip. Idk that it’s necessarily a good thing. It just means it takes longer to grab hold to the drive plates

    • Hinson components are known to be very high quality. A lot of engine builders use them when the clutch is required to hold more torque due to engine mods. Depends on which clutch system you’re looking at. They have the billetproof clutch kit and the BTL clutch kit, which means back torque limiter. The BTL kit allows for less or no engine braking on 4 strokes and slips the clutch. I like the billetproof stuff because it’s just basically upgraded components that are the same as OEM, but made from billet aluminum. Everyone has their own preference though I suppose!

    • Brett Coop they seem like OEM parts that are just made from billet to me… that would prevent breakage, but the coating is what would be reducing wear by adding a hard surface that would likely reduce how well the clutch grabs too

    • Yes, you’re just getting the advantage of billet aluminum vs cast aluminum. The Akadize coating is a hard and slippery coating. If you’d ever felt the surface, it’s almost sticky feeling when it’s dry. Less friction would cause components to last longer. I can see your argument though as well. I just know from experience that they are very good components – especially their baskets. I’m running one of their baskets and a set of their aluminum akadized clutch plates in my CR500 and I’ve experienced zero slippage. I would say that’s a true testament to their build quality if they can hold up to a 500 2 stroke. I’m not endorsed or affiliated with Hinson, just a fan of their products.

  • So I’m a mechanical engineer and would love to know what actually makes Hinson perform better than an OEM clutch… According to this video, the OEM basket is softer. Softer, in my mind, would grab harder, but wouldn’t last as long. So basically, it sounds to me like they’ve just given up grabbiness for longevity. The ‘smoothness’ just seems like the bi-product of giving up friction/grabbiness, so it takes longer to fully engage. Also, I work in the aerospace industry… T6 is pretty much just a standard aluminum at this point… yeah, it was originally developed for aerospace, but so was Velcro. It doesn’t make it anything too special necessarily. Now, if they told me they were making Stellite clutch baskets, that would really say something about longevity. To me, the billet basket without better-than-OEM plates seems like it would be worse performance with less of a chance of wearing out a basket, but why not just anodize your OEM parts at that point?

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