How to Properly Clean a Carburetor on a Motorcycle or ATV

Maybe it’s hard to start or just won’t idle. It could mean that something is plugged up in your carburetor. This video will show you how to disassemble your motorcycle or atv’s carburetor and clean all the parts and make sure your jets and ports are clean. Get all the parts and tools needed to clean or rebuild your carburetor in one place at!!!

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Title : How to Properly Clean a Carburetor on a Motorcycle or ATV
Video Length : “10:58
Channel | User | Playlist : Rocky Mountain ATV MC
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RockyMountain MC

RockyMountain MC

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  • Hi, i have a very annoying problem with my honda cr85. if anyone can help me figure this problem out, it would be greatly:

    My bike has too much smoke coming out from the muffler. WAY too much, It has a hanging idle when i rev it up while its idling. (also while riding). i changed the spark plug to see if it would fix the problem but nothing. i adjusted the air screw to factory specs which is 2 turns out but it didnt make a difference. i even turned the airscrew out more than 3 turns and i didnt notice a difference. then i turned the air screw in till it seated lightly and didnt notice a difference. ironically, the bike didnt stall either time when the screw was too far out or too far in. i thought initially that this problem occured from using fuel from last year but it doesnt seem to be the case. it started happening when i was trail riding. i was going pretty slow so it mustve done something. then there was alot of smoke, and the bike stalled. i started it back up and rode home. i even replaced the spark plug but the problem is still there. i took the carb apart and took all the jets apart and used some carb cleaner. they were clean anyway. i also did notice when tipping the bike over slightly, fuel would leak from the carb. i diagnosed that problem as being a stuck floar bowl and fixed it. please please help me out with whats going on.

  • That was a Great how to video!! I like how you explained where each of the circuits, bolts, and holes are located on the carburetor while your were spraying it down. It was really helpful when you would state what tools you were using when disconnecting pieces!! Have a Great day man

  • I didn’t remove the throttle shaft screw before rotationg the control arm and now the whole arm is stuck and i can’t push it back down, How do you fix this?

  • This was the best video ever. I’ve never taken anything on my bike off and repaired it. I actually got the carburetor off, cleaned it, and made the correct adjustments by following manual. My bike was bogging down while going full throttle. Now I can full throttle and keep going. Thanks for this video I would’ve never attempted due to not knowing what I was doing.

  • please, could you tell me if the all piece (its seems like a little car) on the 5:33min is assembled with a plate? I pulled it out and it was separated

  • Y’all should do a video on why not to use gas on an air filter to clean it. That’s old school when gas was good. Now gas makes it puff up like a blowfish, plus we have really good cleaners now. A lot of people will still use gas.

  • If you fuel has been left in an FCR carburetor for a season the mid body of the carb. must be removed and plan on replacing the mid body flange gasket. I can’t tell you how many modern 4 strokes carbs (KEIHIN FCR specifically) are not delivering fuel properly because the mid body gasket and o-rings are in poor condition.

    In addition to spray carb. cleaner in the slow circuit ports without mid body removal and proper cleaning just makes it worse. RM-ATV, this video is slightly irresponsible in not explaining that or at the very least requiring the entire unit and all parts to be washed clean of carburetor cleaner.

  • Ran into a little problem when I put the slide valve plate back in *with a new o ring* it has play back and forth so when I give it gas I can hear it chatter. What am I doing wrong?

  • Thanks for the help. This worked great for my first time. I’m leaking gas, so i have to try again, but i wouldn’t have been able to do anything if it wasn’t for you! Thanks again!

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