Showa SFF Fork Rebuild & Seal Replacement Part 1 (Left Fork)

The Showa SFF Forks or Separate Function Forks are an all new fork set designed to not only save weight on the bike, but these also give the rider the ability to adjust the fork ride height and preload via the adjuster on top of the right fork. This new design achieves a lighter overall weight by separating the entire damping assembly into the left fork and then placing a heavier spring in the right fork hence the name Separate Function. Replacing motorcycle fork seals isn’t a difficult process as long as you take the correct steps and have the right tools but this is something every motorcycle owner should know how to do. This video walks you through the rebuild process of the left fork which houses the damping assembly and it also shows you what things to look for in order to keep your motorcycles suspension working correctly. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries all the parts and tools and fork oil you need to completely rebuild your forks and replace your fork seals. Visit our website!

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Title : Showa SFF Fork Rebuild & Seal Replacement Part 1 (Left Fork)
Video Length : “12:11
Channel | User | Playlist : Rocky Mountain ATV MC
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